TNi LogoTechnology, inter-connectivity, and communication advances such as social-media give negative, corrupt and detrimental practices the ability to spread around the globe and within our society almost instantaneously. Like viruses, these practices jeopardize our personal, economic and national well-being. What can protect us?  Our only true defense is a ‘new’ transformed leader, one who is ethical, passionate, committed, creative as well as skilled. In today’s rapid global environment, an organization and a nation’s fate rests on their ability to strategically develop and deploy these Transformed Leaders!

TransformNation Initiative (TNi™) is a bold, value-based, national leadership project to inspire and equip, thereby transforming the current key leaders. These transformed leaders will create a just & secure society that will launch greater growth, prosperity and stability. TNi’s strategic and national approach utilizes the global brain trust to collaboratively create contextually relevant solutions dedicated to transforming this and the next generation of leaders.

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