Target Key Sectors

SectorsA nation’s culture and family success rests on the stability and prosperity of the five foundational sectors (in blue) within the society.  By teaching the TransformNational values and sector/profession specific leadership skills together, this strategy will ensure consistency and create TransformNational momentum. When the key leaders within each sector are transformed, then a society can expect transformation.

TNi will focus the initial efforts on training the key leaders within professions that support the general populace which we call ‘Governance.’ Justice and stable governance provides the foundation for all of society.

  • ‘Governance’ include professions such as the legal and judicial services, public administrators, elected officials, police, military and other agencies.
  • Education sector includes private and public institutions at all levels from primary school through post-graduate, technical and professional training.
  • Business & Non-profit includes all organizations that provide services to the public ancillary to ‘Governance’. This includes NGOs, charities and for profit organizations.
  • Communication includes all forms of media from print to visual to electronic that are for the purpose of communicating to the society.
  • Arts & Entertainment sector includes all mediums of entertainment such as print, film, music, sports, drama, literature and internet.