ConsenSys in the News

“Arms of Govt must Collaborate”

PUNCH Newspaper, Nigeria: DECEMBER 6, 2012 BY SODIQ OYELEKE

President, ConsenSys Group, Mr. Jay Dawson, has called on the executive, legislative and judicial arms of government to work together to tackle the leadership challenges in the country.

The training and development expert, who visited The Punch Place in Magboro, the Corporate Headquarters of Punch Nigeria Limited, on Wednesday, said weakness in any of the arms of government would affect the prosperity of the country.

He said, “The three levels of government must be strong in the handling of their leadership role because if one is weak, the whole system is damaged. They must work collaboratively in a strategic way to combat leadership challenges in the country.

“There is need for collective efforts. Integrity and sacrifices are needed to move a country or a group forward. They must serve in the interest of the public and not in their own interest. Selflessness and implementation of a coordinated, intentional and value-centric program are required to move a country forward.”

He also urged leaders to take deliberate actions that would positively influence the youths, stating that they must serve as role models to future generation.

He said, “It takes good generation building to ensure adequate succession of a government. No matter their aspirations, they must develop adoptable leadership qualities because the youths are still looking up to them.”

According to him, the group has planned a programme, ‘TransformNation Initiative’,  to train and equip leaders to create a strong foundation for a just and secure society.

“TNI is a value based, national leadership project to inspire and equip current key leaders. It transforms leaders to build a secure society that will launch greater growth, prosperity and stability for this and the next generation,” he added.